Homework Help

The free homework help offer is available to anyone who takes 8 hours or more of tutoring per month for Math. With this offer, for $120* per month, customers get:8 hours of tutoring
(2 hours per week of regular tutoring with the same tutor).

Four 30-minute live homework help sessions (one 30 min homework session/week) for free.   
8 days of email/offline homework help (2 days per week of email/offline Homework Help from the same tutor) for free. Any amount of live extra homework help is available for just
$5 per 30-minute session.

With this offer, students remain connected with their tutors 5 days of the week. Based on our past
15 years of experience at Growing Stars, we have seen that this will help bring in further improvement in each student’s academics and result in improved grades and test scores.

*$152 for Pre Calculus and above.

*Not available for Test Prep or other subjects.

*Not available during Summer Vacations

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